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Welcome to Confident Minds Psychotherapy and Coaching

Jessica A. Connell-Glynn, LCSW, CPC, CEC and Associates provide private Psychotherapy and Professional Coaching services to individuals, couples and organizations looking to achieve enhanced mental health and wellness goals. Please click on the corresponding pages above to explore Psychotherapy or Coaching Services that we offer.


Confident Minds Psychotherapy and Coaching


“My manager and I began working with Jessica to support us during a major planning and growth period for our business. Our goal was to have her help us stay on track with plans and priorities, but also to help enhance the communication flow and synergy between us during a time of pressure and stress. We have grown closer as a leadership team and have utilized her tools and techniques to produce better outcomes, including creating a short-term strategy for our organization and creating processes to keep our work flow on track. Jessica is an excellent listener and pragmatic coach with valuable insights!” PF

“Working with Jessica has been a complete pleasure. Her thoughtfulness has always made our sessions a safe space to explore a range of topics.  Through these, I have been able to identify and create awareness around my emotional, mental, and physical responses to stressors. This has been immensely helpful within both my professional and personal life — allowing me to set clearer boundaries, get to the root of what I’m looking for, and prioritize my needs.” JL

“I have been seeing Jessica for a over a year, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. I have tried therapy in the past, but the approach is unique. She listens to what I am saying, and truly helps me understand the underlying causes behind a specific behavior or thought process from a logic based perspective. That has truly helped me to start seeing things from a less emotional perspective. She is an amazing listener, but is not afraid to challenge me when I need a push to either step out of my comfort zone, or to see things from a different perspective.” BQ