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Jessica A. Connell-Glynn, LCSW, CPC, CEC

I have been working with professionals to overcome obstacles and challenges that are getting in the way of making desired progress in their personal and professional lives for a number of years.

The first thing I like to make clear when coaching my client is that there is no substitute for hard work. I identify hard work as anything that challenges an individual, team or business, however big or small, and the willingness to put forth effort to overcome and resolve said challenges. My coaching helps motivate clients to make critical changes by identifying cognitive distortions that cause performance hindrances like fear, avoidance, and an inner critic that halts us from taking the necessary steps to make progress and achieve goals.

I often see individuals getting stuck in their professional and personal lives and they do not know what direction to take next steps in. This can happen because the vision, strategy and plan are overlooked and there is an untimely leap to hyper-focusing on the end result. We are then left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Achieving our end goals without taking all of the necessary steps in between can seem like an impossible feat, leaving clients feeling paralyzed in taking first critical steps. I help clients shift focus to more tangible goals that are within their control and to build the necessary path toward the end goal of what they really want. As a trained professional coach, in addition to also being a trained psychotherapist, I have a unique set of tools and skills to identify issues such as personal obstacles, interpersonal issues with colleagues, self-esteem issues and lack of confidence that hinder us from saying “no” when necessary, and “yes” to the right choices for growth.

Education and Credentials

I hold an undergraduate degree from Long Island University in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from New York University both with honors. I have close to a decade of experience in infrastructure, middle office and client facing positions at corporate investment banking firms. During my successful career in the finance industry, I found that the most fulfilling parts of my work were my interactions with people and decided to pursue my original dream of becoming a psychotherapist and coach. My field study left me with a year of experience in the non-profit industry doing supportive counseling and another year in field training in the psychiatric unit of a prestigious teaching hospital. I have training in psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, acceptance and commitment and mindfulness theories that I have used in my employment as a psychotherapist at a private practice. I received my certificates for Professional Coaching and Executive Coaching through the World Coach Institute and am currently pursuing ICF Credentials as I adhere to their code of ethics.