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Welcome to Confident Minds Professional Coaching

Jessica A. Connell-Glynn, LCSW, CPC, CEC provides a wide range of Professional and Executive Coaching to individuals, teams and organizations. Please see below for more details about our services.


CMPC Professional Coaching offers workshops on confidence boosting and effective interpersonal communication in the workplace. Through these workshops, employees can gain tools that they need to be more affective communicators and more confident in their abilities to do their job to the best of their ability.

Leadership Development

CMPC works with leaders and managers to help be mentors, supporters and empowerers of their team members to allow them to generate great work and also feel fulfilled in their achievements. As a coach and through extensive training in many different modalities of psychotherapeutic theories, I have the tools to build strong interpersonal communication between leaders and their employees as well as amongst team members. This allows for rewarding relationships in the work place and extraordinary increase in the efficiency and productivity of your employees. The following are the services that I provide and can be uniquely tailored to the needs of your specific organization through assessment:

  • Coaching leaders and management individually to process and work through inefficiencies and problematic patterns that have yet to be solved
  • Working with management and the entire team to explore problem patterns and inefficiencies in depth to build a cohesive solution that works for the entire team

Individual Coaching

CMPC Professional Coaching provides a wide range of individual coaching services for both personal and professional areas of a client’s life. I use my skills and training to coach executives to identify more effective goals and put together clear visions, missions, strategies and execution of plans. These goals can also include obstacles or challenges that an individual is having in their personal lives that may be affecting their professional lives. I also provide coaching to any individual looking for a change in areas such as career transition, communication building with partners, friends, family and colleagues and anxiety coaching to conquer fears and build confidence. As what I have termed as a “TheraCoach,” I have a unique set of skills and training that makes my style of coaching effective and empowering.

Business Coaching

CMPC offers in house coaching to businesses to provide a place for employees to go to seek help with obstacles that may hindering their performance in the work place. By offering service in house, employees will not need to travel to appointments and, more importantly, can feel supported by their organization knowing that they are providing a safe and confidential space for them to seek guidance and understanding. Findings from these in house session can also be used to help identify problems such as low morale, process inefficiencies and areas for leadership development.